Traveling Postcards on Campus

A Traveling Postcards Workshop is a great tool to raise awareness and empathy about the issue of sexual assault and gender based violence on college campuses. The workshop is fun, non threatening and deeply moving. Workshops are held either virtually or in-person and in coordination with professional counselors, sexual assault response coordinators, prevention and community leaders.

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Traveling Postcards for Shelters & Aid Agencies

We are happy to offer our healing arts workshop (in-person or remote) to your women’s shelter or women’s empowerment program.¬†The workshop is safe, empowering and a perfect addition to an already existing support group or as an additional therapeutic tool for healing trauma.

We work within the US and internationally. Whether receiving postcards or making postcards, our workshops are easily accessible and adapted to everyone.

Begin by contacting us for more information and let us know why you think your community would benefit from participating in our workshop.

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Workshops for community and corporate programs

We conduct workshops with corporations, hospitals, military bases and community programs who share our mission to support gender equality and want to give their staff an opportunity to participate in a hands-on workshop that utilizes their best self to enact social change for women worldwide.

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Workshops for Healers

This workshop is specifically tailored to staff that work in aid agencies around the world.

We understand that psychological stress and burn out is an unfortunate side effect for those who work in the healing profession. We discovered that every time we held a Traveling Postcards workshop for survivors at a shelter or safe house, we would invariably be asked to hold another one for the counselors and staff.

The staff or the healers love it! Everyone is grateful that someone is thinking of them and acknowledging their dedication and hard work. Organizations we work with are thrilled to find a program that helps both their clients and their staff!

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