How can I help?

Our Traveling Heart ‘Hospital Bag’ Initiative is a ‘ 1 for 1 model of giving ‘ and dependent on donations from people like you!

With your tax deductible donation we will deliver one beautiful handmade Traveling Heart Bag to you and one Traveling Heart Bag to a survivor of sexual assault. Give yourself a treat and make a difference too!


If you would like to donate and have both bags go to survivors, please let us know. A donation of $120 supports up to 2 bags. Feel free to donate as many bags as you like!

For your donation of $120 ( $90 is tax deductible) you will give one bag to a survivor and you will receive one Traveling Heart Bag ( without clothing) as a thank you gift. Just let us know what color you like!


“The beauty and symbolism of the bags allows for all of us to carry the burdens together, to heal together, to listen to each other, to see each other.  To say, though a bag, a post card, the power of a positive transaction in the midst of a negative time; you are not alone, we stand with you, we have been there, let us help.”   D. Maller

Give a Bag & Give Love