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    Traveling Postcards

    We are offering workshops via Zoom for small groups. We can provide individual workshop kits with instructions and art materials. Caroline Lovell, Founder of Traveling Postcards will lead all workshops.

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    Traveling Postcards

Making a Traveling Postcard is a meaningful act and a gift of service.

The intimate nature of this workshop will allow each participant to personally connect their voice and creativity to help another survivor.

Every postcard made can also be added to the mosaic!


Workshops on Zoom

We want you to have the best possible experience and have found that workshops via Zoom can still offer personal connection and have meaningful impact. Traveling Postcards is an excellent tool for advocacy and to promote gender equality anywhere you call home. It is also a great way for students to bond with one another remotely. Workshops are open to all students and are especially meaningful to those engaged in ending violence on campus.

  • Each Traveling Postcards workshop costs $50 per student. Sliding scale fees are available.
  • The average workshop size is between 3-7 participants and is 90 minutes long.
  • All online workshops are professionally facilitated by Caroline Lovell.

You do not need to have been a victim of violence to participate in a workshop.

  • A packet of art supplies with directions are available to send to each participant for $15 (plus shipping) or students can use their own art supplies.
  • Students will receive outline of the workshop, worksheets and handouts 24 hours before the workshop.
  • Each student will have the opportunity to send their postcard to a survivor, share their work on the mosaic and have it archived and exhibited in our gallery.

*All postcards must be mailed to WWI for archiving and distribution

*Workshops are available to non- students

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Norwalk Community College

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was an amazing experience. To be in a space where your creative energy was not only allowed to flow but channeled in the direction to encourage, inspire and ease another person’s suffering was truly a spiritually enlightening experience."