• About The Speak Your Truth Initiative

    The Speak Your Truth Initiative is a participatory social arts initiative that provides a creative voice for all those who want to speak out against gender-based violence. By filling in our photo mosaic with pictures and words of solidarity, we will create a work of art together that can be shared worldwide and that is a testament to resilience and a demand for justice.

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    About The Speak Your Truth Initiative

What do we mean when we ask you to speak your truth?

  • Speak From Your Heart

  • Share Your Resiliency

  • Share Your Wisdom

Featured Stories


We are featuring a different issue within the gender-based violence spectrum in the photomosaic each month. Our website will feature news, art and political actions throughout the world and highlight an inspired cross-section of contributors.

We want to hear YOUR stories of solidarity and resilience. We are seeking news and articles we can feature.



Watch as our mosaic fills in! Like a puzzle, every shared piece of content will make up and fill in our large central image, underscoring that a single voice contributes to the whole.

Our year long, online exhibition will be archived and culminate with a live event exhibiting YOUR postcards, photographs and stories of resilience.

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Together, we will ignite the global community with stories of resilience in the face of gender-based violence and provide a tool for positive change.

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Chanel Miller

The most healing words I have been given are "It’s okay not to be okay."