• About The Speak Your Truth Initiative

    The Speak Your Truth Initiative is a participatory social arts initiative that provides a creative voice for all those who want to speak out against gender-based violence. By filling in our photo mosaic with pictures and words of solidarity, we will create a work of art together that can be shared worldwide and that is a testament to resilience and a demand for justice.

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    About The Speak Your Truth Initiative

What do we mean when we ask you to speak your truth?

  • Speak From Your Heart

  • Share Your Resiliency

  • Share Your Wisdom



  • What would the world be like without gender-based violence?

  • What is your story of solidarity or resilience?


These questions are asked in the context of providing both a voice for a survivor and a gift of wisdom for anyone.

Respond to our questions in any language by uploading your art, story or video to the mosaic. We are gathering voices from survivors and their allies to make one single piece of art that will represents a unified voice calling for change.

The Mosaic is a Place To:

Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth

Respond to our prompts and upload YOUR photograph, video, art, or text to the photomosaic. Hundreds of Traveling Postcards™ that have been handmade in our workshops will also be uploaded. Instructions for making your own postcards are available on our website.

Explore Your Truth

Explore Your Truth

The photomosaic is searchable for keywords; names, location, language and artwork that inspire healing, education and empowerment. Click on a tag or type a word into the search box and see what you can discover.

Amplify Your Truth

Amplify Your Truth

You can share images and media from the mosaic through the chatter feed on social media, send notes and connect with other participants. Sharing voices calling for change empowers everyone.

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Featured Stories


We are featuring a different issue within the gender-based violence spectrum in the photomosaic each month. Our website will feature news, art and political actions throughout the world and highlight an inspired cross-section of contributors.

We want to hear YOUR stories of solidarity and resilience. We are seeking news and articles we can feature.


We have provided some prompts to help you think about what you would like to say. Feel free to respond in any way you like.

What does it feel like to be believed?

What would you say to a survivor you may never meet, but who needs your wisdom?

What does your resilience look like?

What is your story of solidarity or resilience?


Watch as our mosaic fills in! Like a puzzle, every shared piece of content will make up and fill in our large central image, underscoring that a single voice contributes to the whole.

Our year long, online exhibition will be archived and culminate with a live event exhibiting YOUR postcards, photographs and stories of resilience.

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Together, we will ignite the global community with stories of resilience in the face of gender-based violence and provide a tool for positive change.

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Chanel Miller

The most healing words I have been given are "It’s okay not to be okay."