Speak Your Truth Mosaic

We Are Asking Two Questions

  • What would the world be like without gender-based violence?

  • What is your story of solidarity or resilience?

These questions are asked in the context of providing both a voice for a survivor and a gift of wisdom for anyone.

Respond to our questions in any language by uploading your art, story or video to the mosaic. We are gathering voices from survivors and their allies to make one single piece of art that will represents a unified voice calling for change.

  • Use the ( + -) icons to zoom in and out.
  • Pinch and zoom if on mobile.
  • Double click on any image to enlarge & view additional story. Art with a ‘V’ has a video attached.

We have provided some prompts to help you think about what you would like to say. Feel free to respond in any way you like.

What does it feel like to be believed?

What would you say to a survivor you may never meet, but who needs your wisdom?

What does your resilience look like?

What is your story of solidarity or resilience?


Watch as our mosaic fills in! Like a puzzle, every shared piece of content will make up and fill in our large central image, underscoring that a single voice contributes to the whole.

Our year long, online exhibition will be archived and culminate with a live event exhibiting YOUR postcards, photographs and stories of resilience.

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