Every other summer we load up our van with art supplies and spend 2-5 weeks traveling to shelters and aid organizations across the US.

There are over 2500 shelters for survivors of domestic violence in the United States. They are critical to protect the lives and identity of women and children who are escaping abuse. The Shelter to Shelter tour travels to shelters and safe houses across the United States bringing the therapeutic Traveling Postcards workshop to more rural and isolated communities. We also travel to Native American women living on reservations who experience 2.5 times more violence than any other group in the U.S. We reach out to LGBTQI+ communities, refugees and undocumented immigrants. Domestic violence affects all of us.


How to get involved

Please let us know if you would like the Shelter to Shelter tour & the Traveling Postcards workshop to visit your community. We want to collect and celebrate voices that so often go unnoticed and share them with the world.

Our goal is to work in unison with local refugee service organizations, shelters, safe houses & women’s empowerment programs to provide our free, therapeutic art workshop, Traveling Postcards to survivors as a means of support and healing.

What we need

Destinations! If you are interested in us visiting your community please let us know.

Postcards! We are currently collecting Traveling Postcards to take with us to give away as a gift of solidarity and support. If you would like to make one and send it on our trip please click here for directions!

Funding! We need $10,000 to fully fund the Shelter to Shelter program.This covers the cost of two artists and all planning and travel costs to bring our program to 10 shelters over the summer. We have a proven track record! In 2013 & 2015 we traveled across the United States and made every one of our intended goals. The more money we raise the more shelters we can visit!

Facilitators! If you would like to meet and join us for some part of the journey, and participate in a workshop please let us know. We are happy to see if facilitating a workshop is right for you.

Shelter to Shelter



"“Thanks for the opportunity to participate, reminds us that we are not alone in this work and there are great people such as yourself to give so much time to help others all over the United States!!!“ White Buffalo Calf Woman Society, Rosebud Indian Reservation, SD

"I am grateful that there are women, such as yourself that continue to make a difference in lives of other women; when often times they feel that no one cares. Thank you for your passion to empower other women so they know they are not alone in their unique journey and not just in your own community but across America. Thank you!" Pam Gillenwater Resolve Family Abuse Program Director YWCA Charleston

"The Shelter to Shelter experience allowed me to feel that I was able to be in a room with many other women that have experienced many of the same experiences that I have. I talked to many of my clients afterwards and they discussed that sitting and working on the postcard was a very emotional and powerful experience. They did not know what they were going to make as they sat down but as the postcard was completed it did completely represent them. I would have to agree that my final product was a total representation of myself. I was surprised how hard it was to give it up to someone else and how amazing it felt to know that someone in need was going to get this piece of me and hopefully help them in their healing." April Alaspa SafePlace L.P.C.-S. Family Shelter Counselor


 A partial list of violence prevention organizations we have worked with:                                                                                                                                                 

Afghan Women Coalition, Fremont CA

Bradley Angle, Portland OR

Center for Domestic Peace, CA

Community Violence Solutions,CA

La Casa de las Madres

Helpmate, Asheville NC


Safehouse Crisis Center,KS

YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program

SafePlace, Austin TX

S.A.F.E. House

Our Voice

Montana Women’s Coalition

Mutual Ground

Self Help Center, Casper WY

YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program

YWCA Salt Lake

YWCA Clark County

SafePlace, Austin TX

Verity, Santa Rosa CA

White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

Give Every Woman A Voice


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