Shelter to Shelter 2015

We have been on the road for several days now and my heart is filled with a sweetness that only comes with allowing your self the time to truly focus onĀ one thing. Shelter-to-Shelter provides an opportunity to experience the impact of women speaking from their hearts and turning pain into power on a daily basis.


We started with several workshops in the Bay Area and are now in Seattle. We have had so many beautiful experiences while on the road. It is my honor to be spend time with so many women who are powerful beyond their imagination… Plus I get to hold babies!


I have learned that violence against women is the same worldwide- it crushes your sprit and makes you think you have no value. Women lose jobs, homes and the respect of their community. Yet, they fight to retain their freedom and their dignity. Their resilience is powerful and their empathy for others is even stronger.


Within a Traveling Postcards workshop we value voice, self-expression and strength against all odds. We do not speak of victimization. There is no need. Everyone knows what it takes to find your way out and to make sure your children stay safe. We share wisdom from the heart- the kind that does not matter how old you are or how much money you earn. Domestic violence knows no boundaries. We seek and find our voices and celebrate resiliency.


Soon we will return home with heavy hearts made braver with the knowledge that the Traveling Postcards workshop heals and brings peace, personal connection and empowerment to everyone involved. I want to thank you for making this trip possible. You too are in the hearts of all the women we met who know that they deserve a life free of violence. Thank you.


Caroline Lovell


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