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    How to participate with Traveling Postcards

    We want everyone, whether you are a survivor or ally to share your voice and contribute to ending gender-based violence. Although participating in a workshop is best, our current COVID-19 circumstances are preventing people from gathering. YOU can still be an advocate by making a Traveling Postcard from anywhere!

    How to participate with Traveling Postcards


Making a Traveling Postcard is a meaningful act and a gift of service. Take your time with it and try to make only one at a time.

Remember that you will not hear back from the person who receives your card. This is your opportunity to share your wisdom. What do you know to be true? How can you help someone else heal? What do you need to say to help you heal?




Here are some topics to consider when creating your cards. Please feel free to add your own or simply make a card without worrying too much about a specific topic. If you like, look at our Resource and Information page for more details about gender-based violence. No matter what, your card will be perfect!

We also encourage you to complete the reflection questionnaire which deepens the experience of making a postcard for a survivor.

  • Listening is the opposite of violence
  • You are not to blame
  • The burden of silence
  • I am lovable
  • I have the right to safety, justice and equality
  • I did not deserve this
  • The moment I fought back
  • I have the right to pursue healing and justice
  • I know what is best for me
  • I am not alone

When you finish your postcard please send it to us. We will share your handmade postcards as gifts to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking and political sexual violence. We will also exhibit your postcard in our gallery!

Please also take a picture and upload your card to the Speak Your Truth Photo Mosaic!

Speak Your Truth Mosaic

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You can also take a picture of you and your card and post it on Instagram or visit us on Facebook 

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