We want all voices to be heard, including yours!

Traveling Postcards is an opportunity to creatively resist the insidious nature of gender-based violence by offering those most impacted a space to heal and speak their truth. Our workshops provide a safe and intimate opportunity to share our wisdom, but not everyone can make it to a workshop. We want to collect your voices no matter what!

Throughout the ten years of facilitating Traveling Postcards, Caroline Lovell has seen the role that love, empathy and resilience play in the healing of trauma. The ability to see love as a form of resilience can empower everyone. We are collecting those stories of love that occurred during times of perceived powerlessness.

How does your story make you stronger? How can your story make someone else stronger?

We want to hear your story of LOVE.

We ask you to consider:

  • Was there a miracle that happened?
  • Did someone show you kindness?
  • What gave you hope or strength?
  • How can sharing your story empower someone else?

Each story is a gift of healing, an exchange of wisdom and an act of resistance to systematic gender inequality.

Knowing that sexual and interpersonal violence disproportionally affects women of color and LGBTQ people, especially Black and Native trans women, we strive to center queer and trans Black, indigenous, and people of color’s experiences in this project.
We will share your voices and handmade postcards as gifts to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking and political sexual violence.
Share your story and an image of your postcard with us below, and we will publish it online and in our postcard gallery.
Make sure to mail your postcard in an envelope if you want us to give it to a survivor. All Traveling Postcards are hand-delivered.
Here are some suggestions on How To Make A Traveling Postcard

Each time I made a postcard, sitting around the table with others, I felt as though I was stitching my life back together. Those tables are like quilting bees to me. They’re a place to sit and quietly reflect on life, share bits that are important, and listen to others share their lives. It’s intimate. The vulnerability to share our secrets, our wounds, our strengths is intimate, and intimacy builds community and strength. Each time I sit down with you at the table I am sharing a bit of myself, validating my experiences, and healing tiny pieces of my heart and soul. Being abused killed me piece by piece, bit by bit, tiny bits falling away from my strong self, seemingly lost forever, but we can heal and you showed me one beautiful way to that healing-Janis McKinstry

I think trans and gender non conforming folx can speak to the experience of gender-based violence in ways no mainstream voice ever has, specifically QTPOC. Queer and trans people of color have been the foundation of this work, along with women of color and they are the strongest voices we have-Quinn