• How to use the Mosaic

    There is much to see and do on the mosaic. We encourage you to take your time and simply enjoy it. You can view the artwork and stories and/or you can add your voice to the mosaic. Come back often and see how the art is growing and changing as more people participate!

    How to make a Traveling Postcard Visit The Mosaic
    How to use the Mosaic

We are asking two questions:

  • What would the world be like without gender-based violence?

  • What is your story of solidarity or resilience?

Respond to our questions in any language by uploading your art, story or video to the mosaic. You can also make a Traveling Postcard and upload that too~

We are gathering voices from survivors and their allies to make one single piece of art that will represent a unified voice calling for change.

Mosaic Tutorial

On the mosaic platform you will be able to:

  • Add a photo, video, short story, painting, collage, anything that tells your story best.

  • Leave a comment.

  • Make & add a Traveling Postcard. Directions 

  • Share an image with a friend.



Feature Stories 

Each month our Feature Stories section in the mosaic will relate to a specific gender-based violence issue- from campus sexual assault to domestic violence. You can explore these stories or upload your own.

 Chatter Feed

You can send notes, connect with other participants and share images and media from the mosaic through the chatter feed .Sharing voices calling for change empowers everyone.

 Tag Box

The photomosaic is searchable for tags or keywords; names, location, language and artwork that inspire healing, education and empowerment. Click on a tag or type a word into the search box and see what you can discover.



We have provided some prompts to help you think about what you would like to say. Feel free to respond in any way you like.

What does it feel like to be believed?

What would you say to a survivor you may never meet, but who needs your wisdom?

What does your resilience look like?

What is your story of solidarity or resilience?

Feel free to add to the mosaic as often as you like. The mosaic will continue to grow and change as more people add their voices.

The mosaic and all your stories and art will be archived and exhibited at the end of the campaign in October 2021.

Speak Your Truth

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