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    Gifts that Heal and Inspire

    Choose from a selection of beautiful notecards & postcards, our Traveling Heart tote bags and our Speak Your Truth poster. Each item makes a great gift for you or someone you love.

    Gifts that Heal and Inspire

Notecards & Postcards

We have selected original Traveling Postcards, hand-made in our workshops that convey messages of hope and resilience. Our unique Traveling Postcards reproductions are a wonderful way to support our programs and to share the wisdom they contain with your friends and family. Samples of some images are below. Order as many sets as you like.

 Set of Notecards- 5 unique images, printed on 4×6 heavyweight card stock+envelopes.$25
Set of Postcards- 5 unique postcards that are suitable for mailing. $15




We make each art kit by hand and include all the necessary instructions and information you need for either a remote workshop or for making a postcard from home.

Each kit comes with a blank postcard, return envelope and enough art materials to ignite your creativity! You provide glue and scissors.

Kits are $17 each.

Kits for 10 or more participants are available for $150.

Art Kit

Speak Your Truth Poster

Brooke Fisher original art- 18"x24"



Bags are made in ethical workshops dedicated to preserving India’s incredible textile heritage. .

Our hand-block printed Market Tote is a perfect size with lots of space to carry books, clothing or to use for daily shopping.

The artisan’s hand work is revealed in each textile, including print density and block alignment; imperfections are characteristic and add to the charm of this traditional technique.

Give a hospital bag today

Traveling Heart Initiative

With your $100 tax deductible donation we will deliver two beautiful hand-block print bags; one to you and one to a survivor. Every bag that goes to a survivor comes with an original Traveling Postcard.

  • Choose a bag .Let us know your color selection in the ‘leave a comment’ section of the check out process.

  • Once we receive your donation we will send your bag(s) out immediately!

  • Every bag that goes to a survivor comes with an original Traveling Postcard.

  • Replica postcards are available and make great gifts to include with your bag.

If you would like to donate and have both bags go to a survivor, please let us know. A donation of $100 supports up to 2 bags. Feel free to donate as many bags as you like!