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    Brooke Fisher

    Working on this project for the Women’s Wisdom Initiative was both challenging and fun for me as an artist. It helped me push my boundaries and explore new ideas. In keeping with the spirit of the WWI this was truly a collaborative effort of women sharing their ideas to arrive at this design. The mission was to capture an image that was inclusive and spoke to everyone with heart. And so the solution came in the form of a heart. Speaking your truth from your heart is the mission of the Women’s Wisdom Initiative. The natural elements represent nature's healing powers and how nature comes through us to get to that healing experience. Women who suffer from gender-based violence have access to an amazing community of caring people through the Women’s Wisdom Initiative headed by the wonderful Caroline Lovell.

    Brooke Fisher Design
    Brooke Fisher

Brooke Fischer grew up in Boulder Colorado and studied at the Colorado Institute of Art, Denver. She is a fine art painter and graphic designer. Brooke’s art comes from her love of all things design and her respect and awe for mother nature’s finest details. Brooke is a passionate advocate for the environment, women’s rights, equal rights and social justice issues. It is because of this passion that she strives to create artwork to inspire a movement to get people to use their voices and take action in our current political climate.

Brooke’s incredible passion for social justice and her innate understanding of nature’s ability to heal, made her our obvious choice to create the Speak Your Truth key mosaic image.

We are so grateful to her creativity and for her seemingly endless supply of patience.

Brooke’s image, Let Equality Bloom can be seen on buildings everywhere!

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If you would like to hear more about Brooke’s latest work on the 19th amendment centennial celebration, click here.