Our Vision

We want the violence that is perpetrated against women, simply for the fact that they were born female, to end. 

We believe in the power of a woman’s wisdom, that unique voice that speaks to her truth, and believe that it can shift systemic misogyny by being amplified, shared and respected.

We believe the world will be a better place when all women’s lives are valued.


Our mission

The Women’s Wisdom Initiative uses the transformative nature of art to heal trauma from violence and to fight for gender equality. Helping women to reconnect to their hearts and to find the strength to speak their truth, even in the face of violence, is where healing and transformation can occur and is the central focus of our work.

What we know for sure

The knowledge women share when they feel safe and when they open their hearts for those closest to them, has the power to transform lives. For generations, women have been told that their wisdom was worthless. We believe that our heart’s wisdom is our most powerful tool to fight oppression and that it demands to be amplified, shared, respected and connected with our global sisters. We know the best way to safely open our hearts is through the healing arts.