A Traveling Postcards Workshop is a therapeutic, healing arts workshop that gives voice and comfort to survivors of gender violence.

Art For Social Change

We bring women together in a workshop setting to make by hand a small piece of art the size of a postcard, that will be a gift for a survivor of violence or trauma. 

Our workshops are for survivors and non survivors alike. Everyone who receives a postcard is invited to make a postcard.

Designed after the ‘old fashioned sewing circle’ where women gathered in creative circles to make something with their hands to give away to a local community member in need, we created a workshop that offers a global community an opportunity to make a card that is both a gift and a symbol of healing, dignity and equality.

While making our cards, we use the healing process of art to access our hearts. We believe that our heart’s wisdom is our most powerful tool to fight oppression and that it deserves to be shared, respected and connected widely with our global sisters.

Receiving a gift of art after a trauma, that has been made with love is healing and empowering. Each postcard can be touched, held and connected with on a level that is deeply personal yet non-threatening. Postcards that contain wisdom from the heart are gifts that remind a survivor that they are not alone and that they can heal and survive. Often framed or placed somewhere special, every Traveling Postcard is a reminder of self worth and connection.

The Traveling Postcards workshop is an additional tool for self empowerment, available to existing aid and violence prevention programs working with women around the world. By incorporating the healing arts into support programs, women and girls are given a new channel to heal, feel their hearts again, celebrate their resilience and share their wisdom. No artistic experience needed!

We bring our workshop to domestic violence shelters, rape crises centers, college campuses, refugee centers, military bases, community centers, homes and church basements. We send our cards to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and political sexual violence.

Thus far Traveling Postcards has collected and delivered over 2500 handmade postcards carrying voices to and from the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Europe, Costa Rica, Niger, Namibia, Peru, Haiti, the US, Afghanistan and more.  Postcards are never mailed, instead they are hand delivered around the world during workshops, in Traveling Heart Bags or on our Shelter to Shelter tours.

Helping women to reconnect to their hearts and to find the strength to speak their truth is where healing and transformation can occur and is the central focus of our work. We find the creative arts to be an invaluable tool in this process.



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