There are lots of ways to get involved. It is a gift to both make a Traveling Postcard and to receive one.

Workshops for Shelters

We are happy to bring our free 90 minute healing arts workshop including all art supplies, to your women’s shelter or women’s empowerment program. The workshop is safe, empowering and a perfect addition to an already existing support group or as an additional therapeutic tool for healing trauma.

We work within the US and internationally. Whether receiving postcards or making postcards, our workshops are  easily accessible and adapted to everyone. We can also train your advocates, counselors, directors or staff to lead a Traveling Postcards workshop in your community.

Begin by contacting us for more information and let us know why you think your community would benefit from participating in our workshop.

The Women’s Wisdom Initiative and Traveling Postcards has worked with the women in our Transitional Housing Facility for several years. Their work with our clients has been empowering and has helped them in their recovery process. It is wonderful to see the beauty our women create in art, the hope they show for others and the fact that they are rebuilding their lives after the experience of domestic violence.”

Gloria J. Sandoval
Chief Executive Officer
STAND! For Families Free of Violence


Workshops for Colleges, Military, Community & Corporate Programs

A Traveling Postcards Workshop is a great tool to raise awareness about the issue of sexual assault and gender based violence both on college campuses and within the military. The workshop is fun, non threatening and deeply moving. Workshops are held in coordination with professional counselors, Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and community leaders.

We conduct workshops with corporations who share our mission to support gender equality and want to give their staff an opportunity to participate in a hands-on workshop that utilizes their best self to enact social change for women worldwide.

Contact us for more information.

“In a culture that values clear instruction and mission focused standard operating procedures, we challenged individuals to get out of their head and connect with their vulnerability – their heart and to use their creative voice to empower others.”

Amy Little, MSW, LCSW Sexual Assault Response Coordinator/Behavioral Health Support Coordinator434th Air Refueling Wing Grissom, ARB

Host a Workshop in your Home

Hosting a workshop in your home can be a wonderful way to provide a meaningful and creative project for your friends and to take action to end violence against women. Often we find ourselves wanting to help, but not knowing how best to use our voices to create social change.

Here’s how it works!

Caroline Lovell, Founder and Director of the Women’s Wisdom Initiative will travel to your home and lead a Traveling Postcards Workshop for a minimum of 10 people. She will talk about the issues, bring an abundance of beautiful art supplies and work with you to create a meaningful experience for all. Each host commits to a minimum donation goal of $1000 either by asking friends for a contribution or by underwriting the event herself. We will also bring our beautiful Traveling Heart Bags for your guests to enjoy and each host will receive a complimentary bag to keep or to give as a gift!

This unique sponsorship opportunity allows us to provide an entire workshop for free to domestic violence shelters and sexual assault centers!

Please Contact Us for more information. Please include your name, contact information and the best time to reach you. We will call you shortly to discuss the workshop in more detail and to see if it is a good fit for you.

“In the process of healing not everything can be spoken or explained. The process of art allows for feelings and thoughts that are stuck in a special or lost place to be expressed in another way or medium that so often is not accessed in regular therapeutic options. The postcard allowed me to share my feelings and thoughts with another person, even without knowing who that person is, in a way that was intimate-without feeling exposed. After the workshop I felt freer, like I had done something for someone that day and for myself. ”

Workshop Participant


Workshop For Healers

This workshop is specifically tailored to staff that work in aid agencies around the world.

We understand that psychological stress and burn out is an unfortunate side effect for those who work in the healing profession. We discovered that every time we held a Traveling Postcards workshop for survivors at a shelter or safe house, we would invariably be asked to hold another one for the counselors and staff.

The staff or the healers love it! Everyone is grateful that someone is thinking of them and acknowledging their dedication and hard work. Organizations we work with are thrilled to find a program that helps both their clients and their staff!

“The most valuable aspect of the Traveling Postcards workshop as a professional is the experience of reconnecting to our vulnerable humanity that we are sometimes disconnected to when working with trauma.”

Amanda Silva Director of Programs/Counseling Services Manager, Verity


“I am grateful that there are women, such as yourself that continue to make a difference in lives of other women; when often times they feel that no one cares. Thank you for your passion to empower other women so they know they are not alone in their unique journey and not just in your own community but across America. Thank you!”
Pam Gillenwater, Resolve Family Abuse Program Director YWCA Charleston

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