• Traveling Postcards

    On Campus

    An estimated one in five women will be the victim of sexual assault during her college years. A Traveling Postcards Workshop is a healing arts workshop that gives voice and comfort to survivors of gender violence. The 90-minute workshop is fun, non- threatening and deeply moving. Workshops are held in coordination with professional counselors, victim advocates, sexual assault response coordinators and community leaders. Traveling Postcards is also an excellent tool for advocacy and to promote gender equality on campus. We bring our workshop (and postcards!) to college campuses and can train your counselors to become workshop facilitators to best integrate the workshop into your prevention programs.

    How to Get Involved
Traveling Postcards welcomes all voices to be heard. We know that sexual violence can impact everyone, regardless of sex; gender identity; gender expression; sexual orientation; race; ethnicity; national origin; faith or socio-economic status.


As with all our workshops, postcards will carry voices of compassion and resistance-

this time traveling from campus to campus nationwide!


I wanted to make sure you knew how much I enjoyed facilitating this workshop, but also the experiences I had when I was able so share a postcard with survivors. I’ve shared a couple now, and each time the survivor’s soul lights up. They speak to them in a way that words can’t.  I hadn’t realized how tactile the card are- one had jewels and the survivor kept running her hands along the jewels.  It truly lets them know they are not alone.”  Workshop Facilitator

“Even though I am just a college freshman I can make a huge impact positively in someone’s life.”  Student participant

“I don’t use my voice much to advocate things. I don’t usually like speaking up. But I could use my awareness of GBV as a tool to educate others.”  Student participant



Benefits for College Counselors, Directors & Administrators

  • Traveling Postcards can be a lifeline: Speeds reporting process, fills gap between incident & reporting.
  • A great advocacy tool to raise awareness and share resources & information across campus.
  • Workshops can be integrated within multiple departments.
  • Workshops provides access to the global issue of violence against women.
  • Provides an additional tool for counselors to use for healing trauma and creating empathy.
  • Innovative approach to sharing resources and connections between college counselors on multiple college campuses.
  • Increased student retention.
  • Positive reflection of school on social media.
  • Healing for healers and aids with burnout.


Specific Opportunities for workshop days:

1st year students & freshman orientation days

International Women’s Day

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Campus wide events

Greek Life

Athletics, Student Clubs and Organizations


Benefits for Students

Over 40% of 1st year females students experience sexual assault before getting to campus. 

A Traveling Postcards Workshop can:

  • Inform: Younger students don’t have words for rape, dating violence, don’t understand how trauma is impacting their lives.
  • Heal old wounds, build resiliency, prevent re-victimization.
  • Create a transformative experience: Helps move student from state of trauma into future empowerment.
  • Provide safe space to explore self expression and self acceptance.
  • Raise awareness of gender inequality around the world.
  • Create empathy.
  • Use creativity for healing and self awareness.
  • Connection to other survivors, support and resources.