The Women’s Wisdom Initiative brings our signature healing arts Traveling Postcards workshop to your campus and can hold multiple workshops over the course of 1 to 2 days with members of the student body, staff and supporting networks. We also offer an optional Facilitator Training to college Counselors to continue the program at will.


How does it work?

We want you to have the best experience possible, so we help to plan & create a great workshop from start to finish.


Each Traveling Postcards workshop costs $1,500 +travel expenses. The average workshop size is between 15-20 participants. If you would like to book more than one workshop we offer the following packages:

Single Workshop- $1,500

2 or more workshops – $1000 each

Multiple workshops are encouraged as they provide an opportunity to include a diversity of campus voices, and workshops are most successful when held in coordination with Counselors, Victim Advocates, Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and community leaders. Traveling Postcards is also an excellent tool for advocacy and to promote gender equality on campus.

You do not need to have been a victim of violence to participate in a workshop.

A Traveling Postcards Workshop includes:

  • A Pre-Workshop Plan. We help you plan and create the event(s) that best serves your campus.
  • All art supplies.
  • Set up & take down on workshop day(s)
  • We provide a trained TP workshop facilitator(s) to lead every workshop.
  • Promotional postcards & materials.
  • Planning ideas for campus exhibition and advocacy.
  • Opportunity for your campus to inform students about campus violence prevention, survivor support and outreach resources.
  • Handouts about gender violence & the issue of violence against women worldwide.
  • Opportunity to host quest speakers.
  • College-to-College exchange of cards*

And Follow Up

  • Continued connection after workshop to answer questions, provide feedback and debrief.
  • Feedback Forms are available to counseling staff w/ student permission.
  • Set of Traveling Postcards to use therapeutically in Counseling Office.
  • Facilitator Training information and planning if wanted.
  • Exhibition of University postcards via WWI Wisdom Library and/or Instagram & Facebook

*Postcards will return to WWI for archiving and distribution before traveling to another campus.

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To learn more about a Traveling Postcards workshop, please watch the video on our front page:

What Participants are Saying

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Facilitator Training


In addition to providing healing, empowerment & educational opportunities for survivors, we are offering a comprehensive/ longer term program by adding our counselor Facilitator Training option- After completing both an initial Traveling Postcards workshop and the Facilitator Training, colleges can offer the workshop as often as they like.

Facilitator Training Costs:

$500 per counselor or $1,400 for a group of 3 or more.

Qualifications: Any staff that works within the college’s Counseling and Psychological Service departments are welcome to apply, no artistic experience necessary! Download our Campus Facilitator Training Information form.

Costs include:

  • TP Facilitator Training
  • Training Manual
  • TP Workshop worksheets
  • Pre workshop planning
  • Post workshop debrief
  • Quarterly follow up
  • License to lead trademarked workshop and integrate into college community year round.
  • Access to other facilitators across the nation and their expertise.
  • Promotional postcards & materials.

Please let us know if you need financial assistance in order to participate. Sliding scale fee is available if needed.

For More Information

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