Give Love

Traveling Heart Bags are designed for every survivor of sexual assault to know that there is connection and support waiting for her and that she is not alone.

At the same time we never want a Traveling Heart Bag to become a stigma of rape. We encourage everyone who supports gender equality to carry a bag in solidarity.

With your tax deductible donation we will deliver one beautiful handmade Traveling Heart Bag to you, and one Traveling Heart Bag to a survivor. Give yourself a treat and make a difference too!

Bags are large enough to take on a weekend get away, a short business trip or even to the grocery store. Almost anywhere you go with your Traveling Heart bag, it will be a wonderful way to start a conversation and stand proudly in your commitment to helping women heal.

  • Choose a handmade bag below- each bag has a number. There is a limited supply of bags and no two bags look alike. We will¬†continue to add new bags when they become available.
  • Make your donation and let us know how many bags you would like and the bag number( #).
  • Once we receive your donation we will send your bag(s) out immediately!

If you would like to donate and have both bags go to a survivor, please let us know. A donation of $100 supports up to 2 bags. A donation of $1000 supports 20 bags. Feel free to donate as many bags as you like!