“After a long and invasive SART exam, the survivor stood slowly from the hospital bed and prepared to get dressed. As her advocate, I was bringing a change of clothes and brought her the items in a Traveling Heart Bag.

Her eyes widened as she saw the beautiful fabric bag. I explained it was hers and that it contained her clothes, personal items and a postcard made for her with a message of healing and hope. I told her that the bag and the postcard were created by hand by a person she had never met but that wanted her to know she was not alone.
She stopped, made eye contact and took the bag. She began to cry in earnest, moved by the fact that people she would never meet wanted her to feel cared about. “
Sexual Assault Advocate, Northern California

How do I get a bag?

  • We want every survivor to feel in the moment of trauma that there is a connection to another human being waiting for her, supporting her and communicating that this was not her fault and that she can survive.
  • At the same time we never want a Traveling Heart Bag to become a stigma of rape. We encourage everyone who supports gender equality to carry a bag in solidarity.


Bags for Sexual Assault Agencies & Hospitals


We provide Traveling Heart Bags for free to sexual assault agencies that agree to lead regular Traveling Postcards workshops for survivors.

Step 1:

Participate in a Facilitator Training. The training is easy, creative and fun but also deeply meaningful. You do not need to be a licensed counselor or trained artist to participate. We train facilitators online and in person.

Training Cost: $100 per person or $300 for 4 or more participants. *

Once you have been through the training, you are eligible to receive our bags and postcards at no cost.

Step 2:

WWI will follow up with your agency to help you plan your first Traveling Postcards workshop and offer support throughout the process. We will also send you all the necessary participant release forms, workshop materials and post workshop evaluations.

Once the training is complete you will be able to receive bags and lead workshops with 5 or more participants as often as you like. We will give you up to 10 Traveling Heart Bags + 10 Traveling Postcards to start.

WWI will follow up with you on a quarterly basis and send more bags as needed. We ask that you plan to lead 3 workshops with 10-15 women each per year.

Step 3:

Post workshop Evaluation. Once your 1st workshop is complete you will be able to keep your Traveling Postcards for your recovery bags or send them to us and we will send you new cards. We will also provide follow up phone time with our staff to see how the workshop went and have time for processing, feedback and planning.

  • We generally recommend that each shelter or crisis center supply their own clothing from local donations. It is very expensive for us to ship full bags. However, often we will receive a donation of supplies that we can pass on to you. We will let you know what we currently have in stock. Each bag comes with a Traveling Postcard and information about our program. We encourage you to include a pamphlet that contains helpful information about victim’s rights and where to get local support after an attack.
  •  * A sliding scale fee is available. Please inquire. We want everyone to be able to participate and bring the Traveling Postcards workshop to your community.


Bags are large enough to take on a weekend get away, a short business trip or even to the grocery store. Almost anywhere you go with your Traveling Heart bag, it will be a wonderful way to start a conversation and stand proudly in your commitment to helping women heal.

What do they look like?

Each hand sewn bag is made from a myriad of sturdy fabric and lined with silky magenta or aubergine fabric and every bag has the Traveling Postcards logo on the front pocket.

Imagine walking down the street and seeing another person carrying a Traveling Heart Bag…you pass one another and smile, knowing you each support the right for every woman to be free of violence!

Every bag is unique and makes a wonderful gift!

How do I get one?

For your donation of $100 ( $70 is tax deductible) you will receive your own Traveling Heart Bag ( without clothing) as a thank you gift. Just let us know what color you like!

Choose My Bag!